Hello I am Kate.
My journey with Dru began in 1990 in North Wales on the Dru yoga teacher training course. I started this as a self-development course for me, with no intention of teaching! However, progressing through the training, I realised that I wanted to share the experiences I had gained. So, after qualifying, I started up classes in the Highlands area.

In 2003 I qualified as a midwife. I now combine my midwifery knowledge and yoga skills in my yoga classes for pregnant women, as well as teaching the pregnancy module on the Dru yoga training course in Scotland.

In 2012 I qualified as a Yogabirth instructor and focused on teaching prenatal classes. These offer time to stretch, discuss optimal fetal positioning, labour techniques, learn to relax, breathe and enhance the experience of pregnancy with safe exercise that prepares the mind and body for childbirth, and being a new mum.

In 2016 I qualified as a Wise Hippo Instructor and offer private tuition for couples of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, to provide you with all the information and tools to approach your birth with confidence. 

For more details on Dru prenatal, postnatal or yoga classes please click on the ‘Classes’ tab above, or contact me on 07765 803972 for any further information.

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